Resin Driveways

Our most popular, high quality driveway.

Professional, affordable, quality resin driveways in Teesside and beyond.

J&W design and build resin driveways and patios to accommodate any property. Whether it’s modern, traditional or contemporary, we offer advice on design, layout and any technical areas of the installation. There are many different colours of resin bound material to choose from. We also cover full garden design including drainage/fencing and turfing. We can match to existing structures and colours to blend in perfectly with you property.

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Why choose resin for your new driveway?

Resin driveways have many benefits on traditional methods, see some of these below!

Design Choice & Flexibility

Single or multiple colours can be used to create borders, curves, patterns or even numbers and shapes. We also have a wide range of colours for bespoke, innovative designs.

Smooth Finish & Hard Wearing

Resin drives provide a smooth, long lasting finish with no loose stones making it ideal for all applications i.e. disabled access, pushchairs, children and bicycles.

Low Maintenance

A resin driveway minimises puddles, ice and growth of mould and weeds. All it requires is a jet wash/hose down and sweep with a stiff brush.

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